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MOT Testing

Our fully licensed MOT test lane uses the latest (ATL) equipment giving us the ability to test all makes and models of petrol and diesel cars. This includes the equipment to comply with the 2009 diesel emissions regulation.

Engine Diagnostics / Management

Using tools from SNAP ON we have the ability to identify and fix all problems associated with engine diagnostics. Effective fault diagnostics enables us to quickly identify any problem, and ensures the correct part is ordered first time. We use the very latest engine tuning equipment to diagnose and fix the most complex cars and modern models.

Mechanical Repairs & Diesel Particulate Filters Regeneration

Our premise allows us to provide a wide range of services and deliver through a high standard of quality. DPFs reduce diesel soot emissions by 80% but they're not suitable for everyone. The exhaust emissions standards for new cars have effectively required fitment of a DPF in the exhaust of diesel cars since 2009 when the 'Euro 5' standard came into force. In fact, many cars registered before 2009 will have had one fitted too in anticipation of the change in standards. Standards aim to deliver an 80% reduction in diesel particulate (soot) emissions but the technology's not without problems – roadside recovery patrols are regularly called to cars with the particulate filter warning light on indicating a partial blockage of the filter. Even if your driving isn't mainly urban/stop-start, changes to driving style may be required to keep these systems working properly. If you're buying a new car and plan to use it mainly for town-based, stop/start driving it would be wise to avoid a diesel car fitted with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) because of the possible hassle of incomplete 'DPF regeneration'. Please book your car for DPF regeneration for only £55.

Brakes / Shock Absorbers

Not only are these parts essential to the safety of your driving, if they start to fail not only can they impair the car's performance but they may lead to failing your MOT.

Exhausts & Catalytic Converters

It is constantly in use whilst the engine is running. An exhaust system on most vehicles usually comprises of four sections:
  • Manifold
  • Front Downpipe
  • Centre Section
  • Rear silencer box
  • Catalytic Converters

    The catalytic converter effectiveness is measured by testing the exhaust gas emissions. This is an important part of the MOT and service requirements on all cars today.


    We supply, fit and balance tyres for Cars, 4x4s, Commercials (van tyres), Trailer & Caravan Tyres. We specialize in partworn tyres and also have new budget and branded tyres in stock. Our stock is updated every 2 weeks so Call us to find out if we have your size.


    We provide interim services for the high mileage car user to a full service that covers all areas of essential maintenance so that you can enjoy trouble free motoring and lessen the chance of hidden costs further down the road. Ask one of our team for the best service package to suit your needs.
         Service Options

    Interim - 6 Month


    The 6-month service is designed for the high mileage car users.

    Full - 12 Month


    This is a very comprehensive annual service for trouble free motoring.

    Major - 24 Month


    The 24-month service covers all areas of essential maintenance.

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